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Shared July 10
A free preset from our pack!

_spatial awareness gives you 64 spatialized Vital sound presets using a custom 850MB library of ambisonic field recordings.

We have a large untapped library of spatial audio recordings, so some are being put to work here, in our first preset pack for Vital as sample layers paired with Vital’s built-in wavetables. We designed a variety of sounds around the sample layers that evoke spaces, textures, and ambiences that add a special kind of depth to the sound design. All sounds were originally recorded ambisonically, which we used to create 2-channel binaural versions for these presets.

The music demo uses only presets from this pack, so you can hear the instant vibe these space layers create.

• 64 Vital synth sound presets in 1 .vitalbank file.
• Spatially recorded & binaurally encoded atmospheric noise layer library (850MB)
• 100% Royalty-Free.
• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.
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