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Infinity - Pad New Level

Shared January 27, 2023
Enjoy <3
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Author avatarInfinityFeb 21, 2023, 4:25:02 PM
@imvuemail12345678900, Hi, sorry to hear that this is not working for you. Have you tried deleting the preset and re-downloading it? To do this, you must right click on the preset in your sound bank, and click on "delete" then reinstall it. you need to see if the problem goes away. For the parameters I used to create this preset, I set the oversampling to (x2) to avoid CPU overload. If your problem persists, contact me at this address:

Author avatarimvuemail12345678900Jan 31, 2023, 4:53:03 AM
I've downloaded this but it doesn't sound like the clip for some reason? I'm not sure why, on ver 1.5.5. It just plays one note over a few octaves instead of the maj7 chord I can hear in the preview. When I first downloaded it, it worked, it played that nice chord, then I rebooted my DAW and now it doesn't, and it doesn't sound how it should in the standalone ver either. I'm fairly new to using Vital so I'm not sure how to figure this out?

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